Diving into the Ashes of Man

Diving into the Ashes of Man

Fox 45

Ashes of Man

Twin Earth Records

Deep from the swamp lands of stoner rock comes Fox 45’s album ‘Ashes of Man’. Released by Twin Earth Records, this album is the band’s first LP following the ‘Gehenna’ EP. ‘Ashes of Man’ is a special breed of stoner rock that will seep into your pores with every listen. The ten song full length features instrumentals that are intoxicating. 

Be sure to grab the vinyl copy of this album. As soon as you do run home, shut the shades, and dim the lights. Then start chain smoking numbers until all remains is you, a thick haze, and the music. Let the sludgey quartet serve as your Charon through the murky waters of heavy blues goodness. You will not be disappointed.

Song to Listen To: White Lightening