Rotten Review: House Majority

Rotten Review: House Majority

House Majority’s sound is one that can only be describes as raw unadulterated pure rock n’ roll. This three piece group utilizes every member’s skills and brings them all together to create perfect underground garage rock n’ roll music. This band takes their blood and sweat and mixes it perfectly into each song like a perfect mixed drink. From the grooving bass lines to the thumping drums pushing you closer to the edge with the catchy guitar riffs, House Majority has a formula for the perfect song down. But the music is only the base of their songs. House Majority has mastered the skill of using every members vocals for a delightful sound straight to your ear holes. Perfect harmonies for their style of music, backing vocals in all the right places, and catchy fucking hooks you will have in your head for days.

House Majority has been around for a while making a nice name for themselves in the local scene. They are the perfect fit for pretty much any show no matter who is playing, and you can guarantee a fun filled, dancing, drunken party when they are on stage. House Majority puts the fun back into rock and roll music. The high energy of each song is brought to life in the live performances. Its nearly impossible to stand still while watching these boys play. House Majority’s music hits you like a thunderbolt down your spine and makes you dance. For a band that is probably just as drunk as you are while on stage these guys can play. They know what they are doing and they do it well.

This is the type of music that makes you want to take a bunch of uppers and head to Swillburger and sit at the pinball machines all day. Its the type of music you turn up at the party to make everyone go crazy and dance in your living room. Its the shit you throw on while your sitting behind the taco joint shooting dice and drinking 40s. House Majority is good for all of your young city kid occasions. With a full album and two EPs out, there is no shortage in music to listen to when you can’t catch them live. Although catching them live shouldn’t be too hard, these guys play all the time all over the place.

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One of the best parts of House Majority is that these dudes are great guys. They will watch every band play on the bill, stay till the end of the shows, and even grab a drink with you before and their set. Fully down to earth guys, House Majority just want you to have a good time and party hard with them all night. They bring the spirit of rock and roll to their shows and make you feel it all night long. So go grab a beer, get your dancing shoes on, and head to a House Majority show. Just be ready to go all night, because they wont let you slow down.