Soulful Insecurities: New Album By Sundula Amen

Soulful Insecurities: New Album By Sundula Amen

Released in April ‘The Anti-Socialist’ is a soulful experience from start to finish. This is the latest bit of magic from the hip hop duo, their last album ‘American Dream’ came out in 2012. The ‘Anti-Socialist’ features lyrics that builds anxiety, and insecurities deep in your gut. Sundula’s spoken word style is modern day blues music. You will feel moved at the first hum. 

Sam.I.Am’s creates new school jazz music with beats that seem improvised. The combination of jazz beats and soulful spoken word weaves together organically. head bobbing to this album is instinctual. I am hoping that this free six song download is a hint towards whats to come. The world needs more music like this to mellow out. 

Song to listen to: #PUSHTHRU