The Double Edge Sword Of The Road

The Double Edge Sword Of The Road

When asked if traveling is fun the answer isn’t always a definitive yes or no, its a double edged sword. While seeing and experiencing new things is always fun and exciting travel can be grueling, frustrating and downright exhausting. Trips can take anywhere from 1 hour to 12 hours, temperatures can soar and plummet seemingly for no reason, gas prices can be as up and down as a South Clinton crackhead!

Temperatures in the southwest spike, humidity rises and so do tempers, full blown arguments to short spats can spark simply because its so damn hot. Finding places to sleep can be equally frustrating, trying to find a Wal-Mart parking lot to sleep in, let me just say thank you so much Wal-Mart in Ohio for having $7 rollback whiskey and Wal-Mart in Austin Texas for having the cheapest wine I have ever seen in my life (WAL-MART PARKING LOT TOUR 2015), or finding that free camp site that just so happens to be 35 miles away from the closest form of civilization and a cell signal (which also means if you get lost you’re pretty much screwed without a map of the local area).

Overnight camping is another hurdle that must be overcome, every day hauling your crap out of the back and into the front, I’m aware that this doesn’t sound so bad but when its still 99 degrees outside and you’ve been doing this every single day it becomes an arduous task. Once you’ve finally moved all your junk or set up the tent and finally have it arranged or yourself are arranged in a sleeping manner bugs will surely come along to fuck your shit up, sleeping in the back of a sweltering hot truck whilst swatting all manners of bugs out of your face lying in a slow forming pool of your own sweat and attempting to “sleep”….wonderful, just wonderful.

But there are always positives that will outweigh the negatives, meeting new people, making new friends, busking on the corner, home-bumming for hours on end and meeting the locals will always put a smile on your face and a couple bucks in your pocket (shout-out to St. Louis for being so friendly and good to us!) forming a bond with your partner, sharing beers, sharing food, trying all manner of new foods, beers and jobs that you never thought you’d ever say “Shit yeah I worked on a tomato farm in 110 degree weather and was given free weed every single damn day by some of the nicest field hands I’ve ever met”.

Travel is a double edged sword, while there will always be bad days, positivity can always be found everywhere from anyone but especially from within yourself, if you ever get the chance, leave home, go far, do things you wouldn’t normally do, get drunk, work, home bum, take up an instrument, have fun, talk to the locals, talk to everyone but most of all get out there. Take a chance, never give up hope and travel everywhere.