A Mythical Bird Called Forth From a Lo-Fi Dreamland

A Mythical Bird Called Forth From a Lo-Fi Dreamland

Like a bible belt midwife, Pleistocene and been cranking out musical offspring, producing five albums in three years. ‘Spear’ is the band’s latest release off of the Casual Punks label that debuted August 2016. If you have been waiting in baited breath since thier last release, you will not be disappionted. ‘Spear’ is a mind expanding dose of the sludgy rock goodness you have come to expect from this band.

Founders Katie Preston and Erick Perrine enlisted Grammy-Winning engineer Stephen Roessner for drums. Matt Werts throws his bass lines into the equation. The final piece of the puzzle was the addition of Cammy Enaharo, with vocal and Omnichord back up. The five formed like Voltron into a fuzzy Rock and Roll dinosaur.

Pleistocene is a roller coaster of a listening experience that is hard to pin down. Bubbly pop like overtones while still thrashing. Old School Rock and Roll infused with something strange. Low groovey bass lines paired with an upbeat tempo. Solar flairs of space punk rear up from time to time within each songs. Each song will keep you guessing while also keeping your head bopping.

Which ever influence these artists choose to embrace be sure that its going to elevate to new heights. Their instrumentals are a mythical bird called forth from a lo-fi dreamland. The band is a five piece of musical savants that play drenched out jams that make you moan ‘Yeah’.

Song To Listen To: Dolmades