Beer Soaked, Folk Infused Punk Rock

Beer Soaked, Folk Infused Punk Rock

Raise a glass to Wyatt Coin’s latest album ‘Beer Soaked, Folk Infused Punk Rock ‘. Or a more appropriate mason jar. Chanting folk punk with an Americana kick. The music will make you thirsty and craving a smoke. Its down and dirty, have a good time, punk rock with all the good parts of country music. Folk gone rouge. A live album of punk rock shanties sung at the Stumblin’ Inn in Elba NY on a warm July evening. Jordan Schilling ,Dewar Richbar, and Lael Dylag have created something beer soaked and beautiful. Beer Soaked, Folk Infused, Punk Rock is set of nine absolute knock outs.  Which is ironic because one of the heaviest songs is ‘Lights Out! Kill The Noise!’ But I digress…

I am glad Wyatt Coin recorded a live second album. The band has a soulfulness to it that gets lost with over polishing. The band has a superior version of Cow Punk. Jordan Schilling’s guttural vocals sound like he has been chewing on gravel. It is perfect for folk punk. It is the sound of Doc Martins and pitchforks. Sitting on a tractor with an acoustic guitar covered in ‘Food Not Bombs’ and ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ stickers. This is an album you will be chanting the rest of the summer. 

Song to listen to: Gruff Speaking Work Slackers