Color Me Retro

Color Me Retro

Straight out of Buffalo label, Admirable Trait Records, comes something from a lost generation. Brat’ Ya is the brainchild Alek Ogadzhanov, a Azerbaijani producer turned Buffalo-transplant. His dazzling synth pop debut ‘Call Me’ made it’s appearance late last July.

There is something spectacular in the retro vibes this album puts out. Alek’s sublime vocals intertwine with synthesizer and heavy club beats. This is not the modern club music we are all sick of hearing. This reminiscent of 1980’s leather pants, dancing with Pablo Escobar until 4am club music. The good stuff, loaded with subliminal messages and brain washing agents. 

Even the cover to this release is so soaked in retro goodness that it will make you vomit. The neon colors are approaching seizure inducing levels. Random shapes and gradients make it appear ripped right off a childhood trapper keeper. A perfect designed cover that hints at what is in store when you throw this EP on.

The five song EP is chock full of enchanting tracks that will have you dreaming neon dreams. Brat’ Ya’s style is refreshing as much as it is upbeat. Synth pop is not for everyone but ‘Call Me’ is so sweet it is irresistible. Listening to this music is like scoring a few grams of ecstasy and heading out to party on a Saturday night. The melodies beg you to have a good time, take a chance, and give a stranger your number.

Song to listen to: Dreams