Cthulhus of Chaos at The Pantheon of Punk Rock

Cthulhus of Chaos at The Pantheon of Punk Rock

What better place for a Danger Troll’s live album than Monty’s Krown? A beautiful grimy venue for a beautiful grimy band. Danger Troll is a petal to the metal experience. It is the soundtrack of fast motorcycles, cheap booze, and even cheaper women. When you pregame before a show, Danger Troll should be playing. When you are doing a line on a toilet at a 4am after party you hope Danger Troll is pounding through the speakers behind you. At Sunrise, when you are hiding, blurry eyed, behind cheap sunglasses, this album should be playing softly in the background. Danger Troll is heavy electronic blues rock that will leave you with a buzz.

It is the music you want to fall in love and be killed to. Danger Troll is a shot of adrenaline and a mule kick to the teeth wrapped in a guitar solo. Roaring vocals backed by bluesy breaks downs and bone shattering drums.

And what a better place to host this Cthulhu of chaos then the pantheon of punk rock that is Monty’s Krown. ┬áThis grainy recording seemed to capture the mood of the Krown. Every snap and sizzle of the songs brings on flashback of local brews and brick walls. ┬áThis album serves as a time capsule of one hell of a party to future generations of denim clad rockers.

Song To Listen To: Mister Bonefinger