Do or Die with On The Cinder

Do or Die with On The Cinder

On The Cinder is a 3-piece punk rock band based out of Buffalo, NY. With everything from melodic harmonies, to ripping guitar and bass leads, to guttural screams, and a collection of influences that range from the Descendents to A Wilhelm Scream, they tread the line between punk rock and melodic hardcore. We met up with the trio to talk about touring, The Queers, and starting a band. 

For those who don’t know you guys describe your band.

Mike Jacobs: fuck. its weird. we are goofy guys who play serious music. 

Jason Wright: Maybe we are serious guys who like to be serious on the outside. i don’t know. just constipated mostly.

Mike: We are not that much fun.

Tyler Rzemek: That’s not true we are a lot of fun. We are a hard core punk band ish.

Jason: Hardcore parkour-ish.

Tyler: melodic hardcore parkour. 


How did you guys get started?

Tyler: Mike and I were in the Steakouts which was a ska band. We moved in together all of our previous bands kind of fizzled out. 

Jason: they were all seven piece ska bands. so we oped for the more concise version of a three piece punk band. 

How long have you guys been a band?

Mike: almost four years. We started in 2012.

Tyler: we did our first show in 2013.

How was your last tour?

Mike: We did a two month tour. Started in April and ended the first week of June.

Tyler: We did the northeast into the south and the southwest. We did Montreal in Canada. 

How was that?

Tyler: Amazing. Montreal was one of the best shows we have ever played.

Mike: We are going back at the end of September.

Tyler: We have a future tour planned we are doing every weekend in September. 


Any good stories to come out of tour?

Jason; Our van, Vanny Diveto, has seen a lot of miles. We have drinking a lot of beers in a lot of different Walmart parking lots and various other parking lots.

Tyler: There is that time i blacked out in Pensacola, Florida. 

Jason: This girl drew an entire paragraph on his arm while he was passed out.

Tyler: I got a fake sleeve that night. I also rode my skateboard through their house. 

Mike: Most of our stories start with “So we drank too much that night”. We got to go shower up, do our laundry, and eat at Joe Queer’s house of The Queers. We opened up for him in Rochester and he told us to hit him up whenever we were in Atlanta. So we did. He made us lunch, did our laundry. He took care of us.

Tyler: We listened to a bunch of music and he showed us his studio.

Mike: He is not as much of a curmudgeon as he appears to be.

Tyler: Very incredibly nice. 

Any advice for people who are just starting a band?

Tyler: If you have more than eight songs you can go on tour.

Jason: Do or die. either you are going all in or you don’t go at all.

Tyler: We used to tour in a Subaru Station Wagon. We did that for a year and then Jason ponied up for a tour van.

Mike: Don’t break up. Don’t do it.

What’s next?

Mike: Our vinyl for ‘Fight Against Ourselves’ is almost out with Between The Days Records

Jason: We have about ten dates in September and about sixteen to seventeen dates in February along with a bunch of local dates.


We we know how you guys got together. How are you guys going to break up?

Mike: I don’t think we will.

Jason: Drive the van into the water. It is not that amphibious.

Mike: Do it until you can’t do it anymore. Then do it some more.