Filthy Hooks And Double Time

Filthy Hooks And Double Time

The Syracuse skate punk band, Lucky 33, has called Rochester a second home for years. Although Lucky 33 is always partying and preforming it has been a while since we have seen a release from the band. It might have something to do with the aforementioned partying and preforming. ‘Look Mah, We Did It!’ is the first album fans have seen since the self titled release in 2012. Four years was well worth the wait for this five song explosion of punk.

Have you ever found yourself caught up in a band the first time you watched them preform? Drawn up to the front of the stage chanting along to lyrics you do not know with a crowd of strangers. Just forming guttural pitches mimicking the audience around you. That is the effect Lucky 33’s music has on you. 


It is loud, fun, party music pure and simple. Old school punk with and indie overcoat, Lucky 33’s songs are so catchy they are infectious. Filthy hooks and double time with sergeant roll call like drums. Hup one two three for go! Feel good 90’s style skate punk to move around to. This EP will force you to throw an arm around the person next to you and start chugging a beer in pure bliss. The perfect mid summer release good for road trips or drinking at your neighborhood dive. 

Song To Listen To: Breakfast