Hitting The Kill Switch

Hitting The Kill Switch

After two years of gracing stages around Rochester, Pawner has released ‘Broken Switches’. Their debut album comes at you from all sides. Released This July ‘Broken Switches’ is punk with a prog rock twist. You can almost taste the angst.

The album starts off rapid and rambunctious with ‘Oblivion’.  Aidan Synder’s vocals add an addictive snarl to the already fueled lyrics. ‘Spread So Thin’ and ‘Paperweight’ keep up the electric pace getting your blood boiling. ‘Incomplete’ marks the change of pace in the album with a brilliant ballad. This song is a long power ballad straight out of 1976. Complete with a killer guitar solo at the end to finish it off.

After ‘Incomplete’ the songs takes a drony tone. The songs get slower, the drums heavier, the vocals become a howl. ‘Get Me Out’ and ‘All Out In The Open’ have forlorn lyrics. “All Out IN The Open’ is almost morose. A compelling ending to a compelling album. As a while the album resembles the masks of drama and comedy. Staring off high energy and upbeat and ending in despair. The rock trio has created a outstanding debut album. It was well worth the two year wait.

Song to listen to: Incomplete