Powerful Room Filling Shoe-gaze

Powerful Room Filling Shoe-gaze

I have been awaiting this full length ever since hearing Secret Pizza preform for the first time. Secret Pizza has blasting its special brand of noisy indie rock for a few years. Their previous release, a self titled EP had been one of my favorites. Played to death as soon as I had gotten my hands on it. So after long last Secret Pizza released its full length ‘Nothing Needs To Happen’ this June.


Secret Pizza is noisy indie with a garage rock clang. Giana Caliolo and Phil Shaws chaotic vocals weave together in a perfect fashion. Thrown in with Tim Avery and Matt Dewaters fuzzy instrumentals that wrap over you like a warm blanket. All the ingredients combine to create a powerhouse shoe-gaze sound that fills rooms. 

This album was recorded live by Rochester’s own Stephen Roessner at Calibrated Recording. Recording the album live catches the momentum Secret Pizza builds up while preforming. The album feels like a set, each song builds up on the last keeping the energy high from first song to the last. Beware listening to this in public with headphones. Half way through listening you will get caught up and loose track of what you are doing. By ‘Shower Song’ you are visibly jamming out to yourself. 


‘Nothing Needs To Happen’ is available of Secret Pizza’s Bandcamp. You can also snag this release in vinyl or cassette form at Dadstache Records. There is a limited edition coke clear vinyl available. I usually don’t get caught up in record collecting but it looks fucking rad. 

Song to listen to: Shower Song