Psychedelic Excellence

Psychedelic Excellence

Maybird is a team of talented musicians combining a vast talent, knowledge, and influence to create something hard to pin down. Calling it Psychedelic pop is a simple cop out.  Used when you don’t want to dig too far into the labyrinth of sound and concepts employed in each song. Anytime a band sounds a little tinny bit like the Beatles’ Revolver album it gets labeled in the psychedelic pop. Is Maybird music a trip? Yes. Is it also poppy? Also check. But their sound carries a Americana folk undertow that makes their sound their own.


Their is just something about there music that you cant put your finger on. Which is what you expect from a line up like the one in Maybird. If asked to find the musical geniuses in the city, these are the guys you would line up ‘Usual Suspects’ style. Members of this band have been a slew of killers over the years. Thunder Body, Md Woods, Auld Lang Syne, My Plastic Sun, the Josh Netsky Band, Moho Collective, Poetry for Thieves. The list goes on like that for miles. 


I suspect they are creating this beautiful music without even trying too hard. Casually jamming out mountainous psychedelic hits every band practice. Blowing out our eardrums and our imaginations with every song and having a lot of fun doing it.


The ‘Turning Into Water’ EP, released by 30th Century Records, is the first release we have seen from Maybird in three years. The band’s previous release ‘Down & Under’ could even be seen as more of Josh Netsky Band’s last album more than Maybird’s first. The albums’ sounds are worlds apart and ‘Turning Into Water’ seems to be a more accurate representation of what the band is doing now. What they are doing now is fabricating masterful and trippy music that will leave you in a pleasant trance for the rest of the day. 


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