Rotten Review: Grease Creepers

Rotten Review: Grease Creepers

What do you get when you take three of the scene’s heavy hitters and put them together in a psycho-billy, horror induced, Rock n’ Roll band from the dead? I’ll tell you what you get: pure bliss. Grease Creepers are one of the coolest bands to come out of the scene lately. With only playing a hand full of shows and not being together very long, they already have a decent sized repertoire to there disposal. With every song just as good as the the last one, I don’t think these guys know how to write a bad tune. Tommy, aka Fat Dead Elvis, brings a haunting old school rockabilly sound with this vocals and fast strumming catchy guitar riffs. But by no means is he the only spectacle in this band. Collin, or Wolf Nards, dishes out some perfect drumming for the style, even offering vocals on a couple tracks. But what would the Grease Creepers be without Ryan, or Sid Malicious and his beautiful stand up bass? Delivering some of the coolest sounds and looking fucking awesome at the same time, making this band visually enchanting, especially if you consider they all dress in skeleton makeup. This band is at the top of a must see list.


The Grease Creepers have a unique sound. If you fused old rock and roll Rockabilly and Punk rock and threw it in a blender filled with horror movies, blood and Halloween decorations, the outcome would be The Grease Creepers. They are as fun to watch as they are to listen to. Seeing them on stage for the first time I was in awe. When you watch them play you will find yourself saying “damn I really wish I could be in this band.” they put a lot of work into their stage show. With props, make up and a chilling intro song, its like watching a really awesomely shitty B horror flick, and its great!

Looks aside, this band is super talented musically. Everything is so tight and well preformed. They compose each song to sound different from the last but just as good. Its like a haunted house where every turn there is something scarier ready to come at you. They don’t have much recorded yet, but with how hard these boys work I’m sure we can expect something in the near future. Believe me I’ll be the first one to get myself a copy of a grease creepers record. With no end in sight, and the music scene a fresh faced horror movie teen, The creepers will have no problem slashing through and leaving a trail of blood and gore behind them as they take over. One of the best things about them is that the Grease Creepers can virtually fit on almost any bill, so there is never an excuse to miss them play. And just because they only recently have awoken from the depths of hell and now walk among us, doesn’t mean anything, they are coolest band to form in Rochester as of late, and if I were you I’d catch them play as soon as you can. So go get creepy with the Grease Creepers.

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