Surf Rock Psychedelia

Surf Rock Psychedelia

The horrendous, stupendous Kings of Trash are back with a bombardment of booty shaking shanties. “Head Hancho’ is the latest release from the tune slinging outlaws Harmonika Lewinski. Dropped this July, the album is the seventh in the band’s long line of work following up the ‘Naked Brunch’ EP from 2015. ‘Head Hancho’ is eleven songs of surf rock psychedelia. Think the soundtrack of ‘Blue Hawaii’ on LSD. But instead of Presley you had Jon Waters and instead of Hawaii the setting was Jupiter.

Harmonika Lewinski’s sound shakes and shimmy its way from greasy garage to dirty disco. The album’s energy alone is enough to cause Tarantism. Reverb drenched electric guitar crashes over you in a waves invoking piranha like frenzy. Its lo-fi better than butter goodness that will turn you on.

In true analog fashion, the full length was recorded on a primitive¬†Tascam 1/2″ Reel to Reel machine. As your doctor I suggest you go to your local record store to pick up a copy. The whole album is available on cassette but if you do not want to wait you can download on Bandcamp. After, go to your friendly neighborhood drug dealer. Grab as much molly and acid as humanly possible. Ingest both and candy flip while listening to the album from start to finish. Sanity? Where Harmonika Lewinski is about to take you, you don’t need sanity.

Song To Listen To: The Slug.