Wasted Mornings, Drunken Afternoons, and Surreal Nights

Wasted Mornings, Drunken Afternoons, and Surreal Nights

If there was a soundtrack for that limbo period between college and real life it would be Total Yuppies. Total Yuppies mixed the upbeat sound of 50’s soc hop music with darker 90’s alternative lyrics. The resulting noise epitomizes wasted mornings, drunken afternoons, and surreal nights. The band is post-hangover, pre-responsibilities garage music. Every album they sell should come with cheap shades, a 16oz, and leftover pizza. 


Released this July, ‘Pleasantries’ is the band’s second release off of Dadstache records. The album is short, only six songs, but is a quick burst of fineness. The chorus of the first song ‘Dreaming’ sets the mood for the whole album “Now I only drink on the weekends…”. The album caries a sanguine energy through out.

Even the last song ‘This is Going To Work’ sounds as if it should be playing during the climax of a Sundance film. There is no way you can be in a funk while listening to Total Yupppies. There sound is too joyful, to care free, and too enchanting for that. the musics positivity will make you feel happy whether you want to or not.


Go get this album. Then go to a garage (it doesn’t have to be yours,) grab a lawn chair crack, a beer and listen to this album. Those damn Yuppies will not dissapiont. 

Song to Listen to: Our Waitress for President.