A Beautiful Bittersweet Album

A Beautiful Bittersweet Album

Dreambeaches is an indie four piece based out of Buffalo NY.  Their latest EP ‘Habits’ released through Admirable Traits Records early last July. ‘Habits’ is a complex album that shows off just that: Habits. The lyrics are a sarcastic self-evaluation of an engrossed life. Songs talk about getting dark sometimes and recovering. About soaking in the moment then washing away the memory. Dreambeaches wants you to enjoy life while also reminding you how much life can suck. They combine sunny, idealistic prose with a harsh, dark reality that we all succumb to.

Despite the darker undertones and lyrics, the music is upbeat. The tunes are joyful indie pop. Lighthearted lead vocals by Corey Bzibzïak, backed by cheerful guitar licks. ‘Habits’ would be the perfect background music to a summer romance. The EP brings me back to watching fireworks by the beach with close friends.  It is hard to not fall in love with this release.

Dreambeaches’ music taps into that fleeting feeling that is hard to pin down. That bittersweet moment when you realize that a happy moment is about to end.  You don’t know whether to dance along or sit back and enjoy. ‘Habits’ washes over you as each of the six songs unfold. This indie four piece struck all the right nerves with this album. I can not wait to hear what else is in store from this band.

Song to listen to: Soak