Captivating Dream Like Soul

Captivating Dream Like Soul

Tart Vandelay’s debut release ‘Frontier Pioneer’ EP has been a long time coming. The band has been performing since 2014 but has never put their angelic sound to record. This four song EP is less than twelve minutes of music. It offers a shimmer, a brief moment, into another realm. A quick glimpse of paradise. Like a good dream, making you wish you could experience more. A bombastic debut album. The band’s music has a lounge room feel. Equal parts Jazz, Latin, Folk, and Soul. Tart Vandelay blows you off your feet then leaves you begging for more. The harmonies you want to hear sitting in a leather-bound booth in a haze of smoke. 

‘Frontier Pioneer’ grabs a hold of you. Captivating lead vocals by Katie Halligan traps you like a fly in a web with the first note. Instrumentals by Martin Lofaso, Stephen Petoniak, and Christopher Dubuc-Penney keep you spellbound. The whole experience is then fed through a loop machine. Turning the entire release into a complex psychedelic trip. The result is ethereal. 

The only problem with ‘Frontier Pioneer’ is how short it is. It plays games with your heart. You do not want it to end. It is just long enough for you to get comfortable. Then it pulls the rug right from under you. As soon as you get lost in the sound it ends. For now, I can just cross my fingers and hope Tart Vandelay releases a full length soon. 

Song to listen to: Spin