Electrons and The End of Civilization

Electrons and The End of Civilization

Rectangle Creep’s ‘Liberty Ax EP’ is an outlandish offbeat album. Hailing from Rockville Maryland, Rectangle Creep is indie rock infused with a synthesizer. Chanting about electrons and the end of civilization. This far out musical trinity keeps cranking out jams. ‘Liberty Ax’ is the band’s fifth release since July. At this rate by the time you are reading this the band has in all likelihood released another EP.

As a result of this breakneck speed, each album seems like a groovy jam session. Nothing is too odd to leave out. Throw it all against the wall and see what sticks. An Andy Warhol approach to music production. A collage of organized cacophony. The EP features eight songs each roughly two minutes long. The song though unique blends together into one organism. Forming into one sixteen minute experience. The speed of the album, along with the eccentric style give this album a twilight feeling.

The bass from each song resonates through you. Intertwining with bellowing organs, feedback, and dissonant vocals. Rectangle Creep can put you into a weird trance. Like mixing too much booze and ketamine. Much like ketamine and Warhol this album is not for anyone. You have to take Rectangle Creep for what it is. I think that is the point.

I will be waiting for my next fix from Rectangle Creep. Considering their track record I will not have to wait long.

Song to listen to: Thomas Coin