Full for $5: Crepe N’ Go

Full for $5: Crepe N’ Go

Located at 651 Monroe Ave, Crepe N’ Go is a small shop squeezed between a bar and a BBQ joint. No frills decor, pressboard walls, and sparse decorations. You are not here for the ambiance after all. You are here to stuff your face with Chinese crepes.

Chinese crepes or Jianbing are made of a mixture of egg and mung bean flour. The result is a thick savory egg pancake perfect for stuffing with a host of delicious ingredients. Each crepe comes stuffed with cilantro, fried wonton, lettuce, and scallions. Once you get past the basics, you can add just about anything. Beef, Lamb, Tofu, even spam. Jianbing is traditionally a breakfast item sold out of food carts. But you will find these little beauties are a good quick meal for any part of the day.

Nothing at Crepe n Go will run you over $10. The menu is a frugal eaters dream. For under five dollars you can get a standard crepe, tofu, shiitake mushrooms, or spam. Don’t disregard the Spam option too quickly. Stuffed into that egg and bean crepe, spam becomes the ultimate hangover cure. If for some reason you walked through Crepe N’ Go’s doors not wanting a crepe they also offer Banh Mi. An appetizing sub sold on a Vietnamese baguette for $5.


If you can shell out the extra couple bucks I would go with the pork belly or the Bulgogi beef crepes. Owner Sean Sun is one of the original owners of Han Noodle Bar. So if you like their pork dumplings and beef you will love the food here. Whichever you choose you will waddle away stuffed. The portion sizes for even the least expensive options are giant. Those crepes are like Chinese engineered belly bombs, filling your stomach to capacity.

The woman behind the counter was incredibly kind and helpful. Exceedingly patient considering I did not know what a Bahn Mi was or even how to pronounce it when I walked in the door. Service was speedy, I doubt we waited more than ten minutes for our meal. Making this place perfect when you do not have a lot of time to wait. I can not say enough good things about this place. It has everything I am looking for in a cheap eats place. Quick service, exceptional food that you won’t find anywhere else, all for pocket change. Be sure to stop into Crepe N Go. Order one of those savory egg burrito monstrosities, roll up your sleeves and dig in.