Honest, Beautiful, and Free

Honest, Beautiful, and Free

‘You Don’t Know How Much You Need Me’ by Doc Baker’ s Traveling Musicological Extravaganza is in the running for longest album/artist name ever. It also is a spectacular album. Ben Baker is indeed a musicological extravaganza. Joined by Hollis Island on drums, Ben Baker plays guitar, piano, banjo, bass, as well as sings. Even though I know it is not the case I picture Doc as an All In One Band. ‘You Don’t Know How Much You Need Me’ debuted last September  through Canadaway Records. This is Ben Baker’s first release in almost three years. We haven’t seen a release from DBTME since ‘Alleulia Maybe’ in 2013.

DBTME contains a bluesy twang that picks you up and possesses you. There is a rawness, immediacy , and a clarity of purpose to the record. Yet there is something cozy about the band’s Americana delivery. It is raw indie folk that grabs you right by the heart and soul.

The band hits a wide range with this ten song album. ‘Bridge So Low’ is a beautiful sorrowful trudge. A song with a slow and steady pace of a man weighted down by the melancholy of life. ‘Door to Door’ portray the feeling of trying to lay your head after traveling all day. If the album had a theme it would be Redemption. It seeks an honest existence after long years on the road. The simple word ‘Honest’ may be the best way to describe this release. Honest, beautiful, and free.

Song to listen to: Boxcar Blue