May I Have This Dance?

May I Have This Dance?

The Mighty High and Dry show you how to groove with their second album ‘The Next Waltz’. Released through Interrupt Records last June the album features eleven marvelous tunes. ‘The Next Waltz’ is filled with light heart-ed and chipper tunes that will cheer you up in an instant. Southern fired rock with an upstate Jazz flair. MHD went back to their roots. All of them. Not exaggerating, the band goes from southern blues to funk, to jazz, to rock and roll all in one song. Swirl some gospel in there as well. Chris Teal’s lead vocals are haunting. his voice has that tone that makes him feel suited for the church than a stage in a park. It is angelic at times.

It is easy to stick MHD in the festival music category and forget about them. To do that is lazy, shadowing over how much raw talent this band has.  Mighty High and Dry finds the core that brings all the genres together and exposes it. Like discovering the musical Genesis. It brings forth a certain spirit that raise the hair on your forearms. Each song, no matter what influence or tempo is stirring. If passion had volume This band’s passion could fill an amphitheater.

It does not matter if the song is sorrowful or Joyous. The Mighty High and Dry have a certain something that will connect with you.

Song to listen to: I Wantcha