Pop, Rattle, and Twang

Pop, Rattle, and Twang

With seven members, Elephino is a rolling folk singing hootenanny. The band’s latest release ‘Horton’s Hootenanny Live’ debuted last August. It features ten tunes of pure free spirited Americana bluegrass.¬†Elephino catches the spirit of freedom with their ballads. Elephino’s ‘get up and go’ tempo will have you stomping and¬†clapping along. Your ear drums with roam through fiddle and banjo riffs giving you wanderlust. Every note of this album paints a picture. And that picture is a beautiful one.

Recording this album live gave it a rough, dirty, earthen feel. It complements Elephino’s sound bringing all the best characteristics of folk to the forefront. You hear every pop and twang and rattle of the group’s set. Making you feel like you were there. You get lost in the music along with the band. You get to experience this whole album unfold and take in each instrument as they weave in and out of each other. It gives ‘Horton’s Hootenanny’ a naked beauty most albums don’t catch. Even though you are listening to a recording you feel like you are in a small room enjoying an almost personal moment.

Elephino becomes the vessel that lets your mind transverse seldom used dirt roads. That vessel is a steam train filled with fantastical characters of all shapes and sizes. The music is delightful as much as it is haunting. Horten’s Hootenanny is an adventurous, mystical, storytelling album that will only get better with age.

Song to listen to: This Little City