Rotten Review: Nerds In Denial

Rotten Review: Nerds In Denial

I have seen my fair share of great talented bands come out of our wonderful city, but when I saw Nerds in Denial I got chills. Never before has a band made me so speechless with just raw talent and undeniable skill. Oh, and they can’t even legally drink yet. These four will bring solace to your miserable life. Nerds in Denials music will take you away to a magical place filled with funky bass lines, beautiful harmonizing, perfect drum fills, and face melting guitar solos. Don’t worry, it is okay to get lost in this wonderful place. The Nerds have the wheel. Let them take you where you need to go. Your ear drums will thank you later.


Nerds in Denial deliver a high energy stage show that is full of fun and excitement. Each member brings their own unique sound and skill set to the band. Drummer Dashuan kills it with his perfect fills and thumping percussion. He nails holding together the band’s complex fast-paced style. Nerds bring a new taste of rock and roll to the scene. Making it kind of hard to pinpoint their indie rock sound. Whatever you want to call it, know one thing, you will not be able to stand still when they are playing. Each song hits you with a different groovy bass line that gives you no choice but to dance. All of their songs are composed incredibly. Each harmony is on point, time changes flowing perfectly with some tight guitar riffs. Devin and Ben are fantastic guitar players that bounce off each other so well. Giving you some of the tastiest guitar riffs and tightest solos all backed up Richie’s fantastic bass noises. It is nearly impossible to describe the sound Nerds in Denial put out. It’s as if they take a garage rock sound, clean it up with some indie rock polishing, but then throw it back into the mud again to make it dirty and heavy again. No genre is safe with Nerds in Denial. They will take anything and fuse it their music. Every single song in their arsenal will blow you away.

With no real way of describing Nerds in Denial besides saying how damn good they are, you really won’t know until you get the full live Nerds in Denial experience. Four kids, not even old enough to drink yet, but probably more talented than a lot of people twice their age. As soon as the first note is played you will fall in love with these four. they are some of the coolest kids, making some great music and having a really good time. And you can tell, they are all good friends. The amount of fun they have is obvious when they are on stage. This band needs to be heard by everyone. People need to know about Nerds in Denial. I promise you this band will change your life if you just give them a listen. Especially their live show. Give your eardrums a break from the daily bullshit they listen to every day and let them take in the beautiful sounds of Nerds in Denial.