Semi Crazed Traveling Music

Semi Crazed Traveling Music

Homunculus is the brain child of Lenny Palmieri . It is a fusion of folk, ska, and punk. It is the kind of style that only comes out of many soapbox jam sessions and street rascal living. His latest album ‘Road of Your Own’ is the full-length follow up to Debut EP “Get Your Boy Out The Trash’. Much like his previous work Lenny is responsible for each part of this album. Every instrument, vocals, even engineering was a solo effort. 

Homunculus is a small humanoid creature. I can not think of a better name for this band. There is something impish about this music. It is fun, and strange, and devilish, and good. Lenny plays the street rascal singing about busking, fucking, and drug use. Each song introduces you to a cast of strange character. Japanese police, punk musicians, and a guy named Dank Dave. Whether the lyrics are true life or hyperbole is irrelevant. Homunculus’ music gives you a portal to view the fun of Ave living. 

The album consists of fourteen songs totaling out at about forty-five minutes of music. Despite the length ‘Road of Your Own’ sets a hectic and semi-crazed pace. It feels like Lenny recorded this album with the fever of an angel dust fiend. At one point he breaks out in Spanish (Tu Piel) strumming out a mariachi tune. Much like a traveler kid, this album takes you to a lot of places. But each of those places is good. 

Song to listen to: No Ideas