Tunes From A Jukebox on Jupiter

Tunes From A Jukebox on Jupiter

I do not think Aircraft originated in Buffalo. I think the fantastical five piece crash-landed there in 2013. Aliens with the sole purpose of making the human race groove.  Their new album ‘Seven Gems From The Sparkling Void’ is a psychedelic pop masterpiece. The album dropped through Admirable Trait Records August of 2015. A pop band fit for the Jetsons. You will want to grab a surfboard and heading to your favorite malt shop on Jupiter.  

Ty Skelton and Justin John Smith’s vocals are straight from the cosmos. Each Lyric uttered in a satisfied sigh. Backed by Matt Cosman and Ian Belknapp’s extraterrestrial drum lines. James Warren’s bass is the ozone keeping the whole groove together. Each song is a transmission perfect to surf satellites. The result can seem to twist time and space. The music is so good there is no way it came from this world. The pop sound fits more in an asteroid belt rather than the Rust Belt.

The album unwraps like an exploding star. The album starts off with a sonic blast with gems like ‘Dig’. The album becomes hazier with each song. Becoming vast entities filled with feedback and beautiful harmonies. Becoming more complex and collapsing in on itself with the final track ‘Night Fall’. Listening to ‘Seven Gems From The Sparkling Void’ is like looking out into a black hole. Beautiful, inspiring, and chaotic. 

Song to listen to: Sink or Swim