Unite Over A Pint

Unite Over A Pint

Celtic Rock is a guilty pleasure of mine. Good ole sing-song bands. Songs about drinking, romance, and hard work. It is just plain good. Sisters of Murphy falls steadily in that category: just plain good. Their debut album ‘Working Stiffs Unite’ was released by Silverdish Records last August.

Listening to Sisters of Murphy almost makes you smell an old oak bar. The neighborhood bar filled with old family friends congregating at the¬†water hole. You want ‘Working Class Stiffs’ playing in the background as you slam your last beer at the bar and¬†cheekily pass your number to the bartender. Chances are her name is Katie. That’s the point of Celtic rock I suppose. Music to make you feel free after a hard days work at a shitty job.

I’ve never spent 40 days at sea, or danced a jig, or intended to make the blacksmith’s daughter my wife. Sisters of Murphy’s music makes me feel as if I had. It makes me long for a time that I never experienced. The hurried tempo of banjo and mandolin have the album feel fast and cheerful. Raising your spirits with every song.

Its makes sense that Rochester would be a place that spawned good Celtic rock. Our weather is just as shitty as Ireland’s, our collars are blue, and our beer is local. Just one of the many reasons Sisters of Murphy’s music makes you feel at home.

Song to listen to: Green Over Red