You Know You Are From Rochester When

You Know You Are From Rochester When

You know you’re from Rochester when:

The term “Pabst smear” is a regular part of your vocabulary.

You’re either drunk driving or avoiding pot holes. Or both.

When you leave town people assume you’re from NYC when you say you’re from New York.

When someone says “let’s go to Dogtown” you get slightly aroused and intensely hungry.

You know who “Chill Will” is.

You either have been mugged or know someone who has been.

One of the seasons of the year is “car break ins”

You’ve had to explain what a garbage plate is to an out of towner on multiple occasions.


You’ve been to Mark’s Texas Hot late at night and confirmed the table across from you is prostitutes.

When you go out of town people ask where your accent is from.

When it starts to snow you’re convinced you’re the only person who knows how to drive.

Your favorite season is fall because they serve hot cider and whiskey at Lux.

You understand where the “diddle dungeon” used to be.*

You know on the property where George Eastman shot himself

You know at least three coke bars.