An Empowering Hip Hop Album

An Empowering Hip Hop Album

Bushido: The way of the warrior followed by Japanese samurai. What better to describe Bushido Garvey? An educator by day, heady emcee by night. His style is stripped of ego that has rappers talking about violence and money. His flow instead talks about some real topics and is delivered in a style that seems more philosophy lesson than freestyle. The warrior-philosopher just released his latest album ‘ Our Battle Raps’.

‘Our Battle Raps’ is a compilation of freestyle sessions, original tracks, and sound bites from Bushido’s life. Bushido Garvey analyzes the craft as only a teacher can. His music offers an honest view of the world that often muddled, vilified, or put on a pedestal. The album takes a critical look at the hip hop ‘ from the excessively violent to the needlessly mystic”. This project is a cerebral journey that seems to be talking directly to you as it hits a wide range of topics.



Bushido Garvey schools you with his rhymes. Garvey’s rhymes are layers of wordplay and double ententes. Ever the educator, the album is peppered with skits and sound bites from students. Chess is a central theme through the album. It is rare that you listen to an album that feels empowering. ‘Our Battle Raps’ is simply described as an empowering album. It doesn’t talk down to you about drugs, and violence, and race. It draws back the curtain and speaks to the listener on equal grounds. This isn’t ‘My Battle Raps’ after all. It’s ‘Ours’.

Song to listen to: 3 letter gangs