Seven Bands To See This Week

Seven Bands To See This Week

Thunder Body


As one of Rochester’s favorite feel-good jam bands, Thunderbody is a band you do not want to miss. A unique blend of reggae roots guaranteed to mellow you out and start your year off right. They have a larger than life sound will get even the most uptight soul dancing and swaying. Thunderbody plays at Flour City Station January 4th.




Want to start off 2017 with a bang? Then head over to Butapub January 7th to catch Stress. Adrenaline-driven hardcore punk that with infiltrates your brain and leaves you buzzing. Stress is a fusion bomb of soul crushing instrumentals and shrieking vocals. SO if you want to forget 2016 this band is a living sound lobotomy. See them perform with Cicada, AreTheyYesTheyAre, and Horrific and the Horribles.


Tart Vandelay


Tart Vandelay’s music has a lounge room feel. Equal parts Jazz, Latin, Folk, and Soul. Tart Vandelay blows you off your feet then leaves you begging for more. Like a good dream, making you wish you could capture and bottle the experience. Tart Vandelay is playing January 6th at Montage Music Hall. This is a band you do not want to miss.


The Crooked North


The Crooked North is a band inspired by the energy of progressive bluegrass, the gritty soul of Americana, and the Rust Belt ethos of their Western New York home. The band’s sound has a certain rattle and twang that makes you feel comfortable. The richness of their music washing over you and warms you up. This makes The Crooked North a perfect band to escape the cold January winters with. The Crooked North Plays at Three Heads Brewing Company January 6th.


The Brothers Blue


The Brothers Blue has a sound that wasn’t made, it was grown. Cajun roots planted in bluegrass and showered with folk to grow big and strong. No matter the venue or the crowd you will feel as if you are hearing this band for the first time beside a campfire. The Brothers Blue take inspiration from folk music around the world and blend it into a beautiful unique tapestry of sound. You can catch them at the Little Theater Cafe January 5th.




You know that one homeless guy? The one with the tinfoil hat that speaks to aliens? The one who spits flecks of bile and phlegm at you as he rants? The one with bumblebees living in his beard? Well, the newest release by AreTheyYesTheyAre is like if you took ten minutes of that guy’s thoughts and made music out of it. Weird, Fast, funky, complex, you can use a lot of descriptors for this band. It’s easier for you just to go see them than it is for me to describe them with words. Aretheyyestheyare is playing with Cicada, Stress, and Horrific and the Horribles at Butapub Saturday, January 7th.


Ryan Sutherland


Singer-Songwriter, Ryan Sutherland graces the stage January 6th at Firehouse Saloon. Modern day Folk, Sutherland’s music is like comfort food for your ear drums. Its is honest and profound music that will warm your heart and captivate you. Ryan Sutherland will be performing with Dead Fountain.