Cello Brown’s Independent Review

Cello Brown’s Independent Review


Off The Grind

Put on your headphones people. The Castoffs dare to do what a lot of seasoned emcees are not. That is taking it back with a bang; spitting out songs like ‘Set It Off’, ‘Caliber’, and ‘Gotham’. They move the crowd and give you the ‘backpack, camouflage, Rock Ya Tims’ feeling Hip Hop has been missing. Along with fierce production from Leunatic, these cats are a sure cop for the collection.

M Doc Diego

Monster From The Underground


If rugged lyrics are your thing, this is for you. M Doc hits the street with an album full of street anthems with an intellectual appeal. Songs like ‘Spit Real Game’ and ‘The Return’ are examples of the fire on this album. Making it a sure piece for the collection.

Bushido Garvey

Our Battle Raps


Genius, sculptured, and crafted, This album not only enhances the Hip Hop culture but teaches it. This album will deeply affect the listener enough to provoke some type of movement. Whether it be politically or just moving the body. Definite cop for the collection.

DJ Bigg Bizzy & Dtoolz Mello

JHO (Just Hanging Out)


If you are just hanging out and want to hear some dope hip hop beats, cuts, and rhymes, check out JHO. It is a party along with some bust ya head tracks that will help you realize age is just a number. These OGs put it down for real. A definite cop people.

M Dot Coop

Finally, I Can Vibe


If you are from the ROC and you haven’t heard of this kid get your head out of your ass and peep this project. The smooth lyrical style over quality tracks and rhymes let you know this kid is a master of his craft. Songs like ‘The Road’ and ‘5-8’ only backup my claim. So go out and get cultures. The visuals for this album are awesome.

Article by Cello Brown

Cello Brown is a hip hop connoisseur and co-host of the Bob Mohammad Hip Hop Show. You can catch his show on WAYO 104.3 Fridays 5 pm – 7 pm.