A Cup of The Good Stuff

A Cup of The Good Stuff

‘Afternoon’ Tea is the seventh release from Bedroom Hijinks. It is no wonder. Brainchild Brian Escobar has been playing the piano since the age of four. Hailing from Caracas, Venezuela he now attends the Eastman School of Music. The release itself is a quick one, more like a sample platter than an EP. Each song rarely lasts longer than a couple minutes. But ‘Afternoon Tea’ is one of those albums that begs to a listen and dissection. It is too good not to.

To call it an instrumental or beat album would oversimplify it. It seems more to be a collection of whatever is rattle around Brian Escobar’s head put to tape. Each song is its own unique oddity. Styles range from hip-hop, to jazz, to garage rock. Yet they all seem to fit together in an unexplained way. There is a flavor to Bedroom Hijinks yet each song will keep you guessing.


It would almost be a shame to put vocals to these tracks. Trying to vocalize these tracks would take something away from its strange nature. The entire release feels like Escobar’s mental doodle pad. After listening to this album, you will want to dig through Bedroom Hijinks’ other projects. The mix of jazzy pianos, vocal loops, and ridiculous basslines is something to get lost in. It is a refreshing dose of raw creativity that is not to pass up.


Song to listen to: Cup O’Mojo