The Undead Kings of Rock N Roll

The Undead Kings of Rock N Roll

We found a package on the Insomniac doorstep. Folded in a paper bag, wrapped in twine, splattered in blood, with a weird logo stamped on the cover. Shooing away the vermin it attracted, and bringing the package inside I realized what it was. Not the severed head I expected but Grease Creepers latest album ‘Fresh Cuts’.



‘Fresh Cuts’ is the first album by the new psycho-billy powerhouse. Grease Creepers is the mutant love child of punk rock, rockabilly, and horror flicks. The album throws you into a pulp fiction comic where skeletons and resurrected singers rule.  This album will bewitch you much like your favorite b flick horror films did when you were a kid. It is a roller coaster of sound; fast, goofy, and fun. 


Fat Dead Elvis shrieks and hiccups into the microphone. His guitar whines and wails keeping up a sweaty pace throughout the album. Two demon rockers act as backup for the rotten front man. Sid Malicious, the stand-up bass player, provides the nervous heartbeat for the tunes. The Madman forces so much out of the poor instrument he’s often standing on the damn thing. Who needs feedback when you have the ability to choke more wobble and roll out of your bass? Wolf Nards provides bone rattling, boot shaking drumming, growling back up vocals into the microphone.


Grease Creepers blend our favorite aspects of rock, punk,  and horror movies. The resulting brew is an uncommon strange mixture of pure delight. Go see these boys play before they slink back from where they came. 


Song To Listen To: 45687